Feedback for Pivotal Tracker: Allow users to easily submit bugs, features, and chores to Pivotal Tracker.


I just shared some code on GitHub from a project I am finishing up. I wanted to give my users a way to submit bug reports and feature requests quickly and easily. I also wanted to make sure I captured all the information I needed from them. I also needed to keep track of all the feedback and track it to completion.

I decided that the tool I was already using to manage the development of the project, Pivotal Tracker, would also be a great tool to store these requests since I was already familiar with it. So I added a "Got Feedback?" link in the footer of my app that when pressed displays a modal dialog where the user can select from bugs, features, or other. I automatically include the user's name, page they are on, time, and user agent to minimize the amount of data entry required. I validate the feedback on the server side via php and submit the http request using the Pivotal REST API from php as well. It would have been easier to do this from jQuery on the client, but I liked the additional security of performing these functions server-side.

Check out the code and view the demo and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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